About Us


In the current business environment, it has become more difficult to add headcount into any given department. The challenges arise as more deliverables are requested, along with a limited budget that must be managed. Add to the mix the lack of time to produce something of high quality, and the result is often less than par.

Perhaps this sounds like a familiar scenario. At Wesley Enterprise, Inc., we recognize this opportunity to offer solutions that allow our clients to:

  • Utilize our services only as needed, flexing up and down based on workload demands
  • Free up time, so focus can be placed on responsibilities that cannot be outsourced
  • Deliver end-products that uphold high scientific rigor and are visually pleasing


Maybe you can understand what we have experienced. In most full-time employment situations, life revolves around the 40+ hour work week. When meetings take up most of our workday, the only time to get “work” done was afterhours. Compound that with commute time, and that leaves minimal time for our families. Work-life balance becomes difficult to maintain, particularly when both parents work. For many, this is a way of life. For us, it was a calling to find a better solution.

Wesley Enterprise, Inc. was founded by LoAn and Sherman Ho in 2003, the same year their son Wesley was born. Started initially as a shell for part-time consultant work, it evolved over time as client referrals led to more business. The workload soon became more than one person could comfortably handle. Enlightenment came when we realized that there were others like us, highly trained professionals who wanted work-life balance afforded by employment in a virtual company. We offer flexibility in the workplace, which often works to our clients advantage as they find us working evening hours and/or weekends on urgent projects.

Now in our 13th year of business, we represent a team of PharmD writers who are trained to quickly and effectively become well-versed in various therapeutic areas. Let us take care of the “work” that needs to be done, so that you have time to focus on other things. That’s our specialty… CONTENT SOLUTIONS FOR PHARMACEUTICALS.