Our Philosophy

A Medical Communications Company That Works for You

Partnering With Our Clients

How often will you get a direct line to the leadership of a company? We remain a small operation for that reason, because we believe that our clients deserve the continuity of service and personal attention that only the leadership team can provide. With every interaction, from the initial scoping of a project, to the timely communication with progress updates, to support during the final review to obtain medical, legal, and/or regulatory approval… a project lead (designated from the leadership team) will be working directly with you.

The benefits of having a single point of contact are countless. Have you been frustrated with dealing first with an account executive to get the proposal, then the account manager to handle logistical issues with the contract, then perhaps the medical director when actual clinical content issues arise? With our model, we integrate all these functions into a single individual. This allows nimbleness and a better understanding of your business needs. The result is delivery of an optimal final product.

Our Process

When a client approaches us about a potential project, we are able to quickly assess if we have the capacity to deliver in the timeframe requested. A proposal with specified timelines and budget would be typically be generated within 48 hours. Since you would be dealing with the leadership of the company, these executive decisions can be made quickly.

Upon commitment with a contract, our team of PharmD writers are mobilized. One individual is assigned with the primary writing responsibility, while another is designated to perform the quality check. Before you receive any draft of the deliverable, the project lead also reviews the material to assure it is in alignment with the client specifications.

Assuring the Quality of Our Team

Each person on our team of PharmDs were hand-picked, based not only on the experience noted on their curriculum vitae but also their performance on specific assessments that we ask of them. Upon joining our team, they undergo advanced training to build upon basic software skills (eg, MicroSoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat) to raise the bar. With certain team projects, we use webconferences as a tool to assure that everyone is on the same page with regards to the expectations and responsibilities for the final product.

Producing a Visually-Appealing Product

Our clients are pleasantly surprised that we typically do not use the services of a graphics designer. It often takes time to communicate with a graphics designer the elements needed for the illustration. A given project may not have the latitude of extra time. We find that we are able to produce a visually-appealing product that is scientifically accurate among our team of PharmDs. Our work has been known to pass the critical eye of graphics designers. We certainly don’t proclaim to replace their expertise, but our technical savvy has enabled us to do a quality job with the final product presentation.

Matching Speed and Pace

At the onset of every project, timelines are set and agreed upon. We consistently meet or beat these timelines, as we believe in setting reasonable expectations and overdelivering when possible. At times, we realize that changing business demands require you to either light a fire under a given project or slow the pace due to reprioritization. Our team are committed to match your speed and pace. Although it is not required of us, you will often find us working late nights, weekends, and through holidays to make sure that you have the deliverable in time. We work as a team with you, because our goal is to make you look good with each deliverable we provide.