Wesley Enterprise is founded in May 2003, shortly after the birth of the son of the two co-founders. The company is also named after their son.

Sherman Ho, Pharm.D. currently serves as the President, whose responsibility is to drive the strategic operations of the corporation and manage client relations. Sherman has over 20 years of professional experience, primarily within the medical affairs and training arena in the pharmaceutical industry.

Upon earning his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of California, San Francisco, Sherman completed a pharmacy practice residency at the same institution. He then proceeded with a fellowship in Pharmacoeconomics at Kaiser Permanente in California. Sherman immediately entered the pharmaceutical industry as a medical science liaison for Bristol-Myers Squibb for seven years, then worked at Amgen for four years as a trainer for global medical affairs. In 2007, Sherman began to focus full-time on Wesley Enterprise in order to offer expanded services including training strategies & tactics, e-Learning, e-Databases, and publication planning.

LoAn Ho, Pharm.D. serves as the Executive Vice President. LoAn has a diverse professional background, with over 20 years of experience in medical communications, the pharmaceutical industry, managed care organizations, and hospitals.

Upon earning her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of California, San Francisco, LoAn completed a pediatric pharmacy practice residency at University of Southern California. She practiced pediatric clinical pharmacy at Long Beach Memorial, then took a management position as a director of pharmacy at a small community hospital. After mergers resulted in the hospital closure, LoAn proceeded to enter managed care as a clinical pharmacist for Prescription Solutions/ PacifiCare. When an opportunity arose to enter the pharmaceutical industry, LoAn became a medical science liaison for Searle (which later became Pharmacia). Upon Pfizer’s acquisition of Pharmacia in 2003, LoAn devoted her time to establishing the core functions of Wesley Enterprise. Her specialty areas were presentation slides, manuscript preparation, e-Learning, and drug monographs.