Executive Assistant

This document describes the position as it currently stands. It is not an employment contract. Our company reserves the right to modify job duties or job descriptions at any time.

Are you a solution-oriented, task-oriented jack-of-all-trade who enjoy supporting multiple facets of a small business?

Who We Are

  • Wesley Enterprise, Inc, established in 2003, is a scientific communications agency that helps pharmaceutical companies distill complex medical research – aligned with strategic and regulatory needs – to develop custom scientific content and educational tools which are used to inform health care professionals.


  • Job Title – Executive Assistant (EA)
  • Position Type – Full-time non-exempt employment
  • Location – Remote
  • Reports To – President

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Save President’s time from executing day-to-day tactical tasks and processes related to running the company, team administration, business development, and finance pillars – with ability to prioritize based on value to company and urgency, as well as communicate task status / completion as needed
  • Develop, improve, or update documentation of above tasks and processes as they are being performed
  • Proactively offer prioritized solutions / approaches in tackling tasks that lack existing guidance to either empower President to approve, or to act on independently – rather than just asking
  • Regularly and proactively identify tasks that can help President in saving time based on observation and active listening
  • Support team members – Onboard, offboard, and help team members solve problems so that team members can focus on productivity (goal is to save President time)

What does Success Look Like in this Position?

  • President does not need to do day-to-day tactical tasks except for occasional input, and can to focus on activities of higher value to the company.
  • Tactical tasks are completed timely and reasonably accurately / well to meet desired outcome.
  • Documentation for recurring processes involving the EA are current, succinct, clear, and follow predefined structure.
  • Work within company culture.

Minimum Requirement to be Successful

  • Fluent in English (speaking articulately with little accent, reading, business writing)
  • Fluent with using a PC and Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, Teams, Stream)
  • 3 (in the past 7) years of working experience supporting a C-level executive, concurrently supporting multiple aspects of a very small business (experience in > 1 small business preferred)
  • Experience in managing many simultaneous tasks to completion
  • Experience in proactively prioritize based on company needs
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and productively from home with little supervision and time tracking
  • Experience developing detailed step-by-step processes that others actually use
  • Solution-oriented – Skilled in quickly researching for and prioritizing potential solutions based on circumstance, facts, and reliable information
  • Excellent communication – task status / completion, tactfully and proactively providing recommendations, know when to ask for help

What Does a “Typical” Week Look Like?

  • Work is done at home. Work hours are flexible, but should include hours of the day that EA is most productive, as well as attending required meetings. The goal is to get tasks prioritized and complete on time with good outcome.
  • At the start of the week, EA gathers and reviews tasks that need to be completed within the next 2 weeks. These tasks can be on shared calendar or e-mail and can be recurring or one-offs. Prioritize tasks to complete based on value to company and urgency, and schedule further out tasks of lesser importance/urgency. Block off focus time to tackle tasks that are of highest value. Communicate progress / completion with proof for review. Re-prioritize daily.
  • If encountering issues, first search OneNote / Google for potential solutions, or SharePoint for past samples, then appropriate team member, before asking President – present prioritized options and/or
  • Meet with President up to 2 times a week to solve bottlenecks.
  • Every other week, facilitate team meeting and prepare recording.
  • Every quarter, work on an agreed project to further improve company.

Compensation Package

  • Work at home
  • Flexible work hours
  • Competitive salary, commensurate with relevant past experience
  • Target bonus up to 10% depending on business and individual performance
  • Retirement plan with company matching up to 4%
  • Company holidays (11 days) and paid time off (16 days)
  • Group health insurance (covers 75% of silver level insurance for team member and dependents)
  • As part of a small company, be involved in steering the company direction and growth
  • Professional development opportunities

Apply Today!

  • E-mail hiring@wesleyenterprise.net with subject line
    “Application-EA-{Your first and last name}”
  • Include the following as a single PDF attachment in this order:
    1. A cover letter to include:
      • Why are you interested in this role?
      • Why you want to work with us?
      • Why should we choose you?
      • Your base salary requirement (a specific number, not a range, not “TBD”, not “flexible”)
      • List what aspects/process of a small business you have you meaningfully supported. Describe in sufficient detail for us to get a clear picture of your contribution:
        • What is your personal role in this?
        • How did you do it?
        • Why is this significant to the company?
    2. Your resume with address, e-mail, and phone contact information