Medical Communications Manager

Job Description and Application

This document describes the position as it currently stands. It is not an employment contract. Our company reserves the right to modify job duties or job descriptions at any time. 

Do you enjoy developing scientific content for medical communication assets to support the pharmaceutical sector, and prefer to work from home?

Who We Are

  • Powered by a small virtual team of doctoral-level scientific writers since 2003, Wesley Enterprise is a well-regarded medical communications agency that helps pharmaceutical companies develop custom medical-scientific content. Over 70% of our work relates to medical slide presentations.

Who We Are Looking For (Briefly)

  • PharmD (or PhD in clinical sciences) with experience in developing custom scientific communication assets (worked in Medical Affairs or medical communications agencies)
  • Solutions-oriented, accountable, and cordial team player with experience working independently at home
  • Excellent skills in interpreting the medical literature and scientific data, understanding scientific strategy, writing scientific content, presenting content in visually appealing manner, and client management
  • Excellent PowerPoint skills
  • Experience with project management, including strategically leveraging resources in accomplishing tasks quickly and cost effectively


  • Job Title – Manager, Medical Communications
  • Position Type – Full-time exempt
  • Location – Anywhere USA
  • Reports To – Senior Director, Medical Communications

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Content Development (~90%) – As a learned professional, routinely use advanced knowledge gained from doctoral-level training, biopharmaceutical industry experience, and professional judgment to collaborate with client to design/develop scientific deliverables (slide presentations, dossiers, standard response letters, manuscripts, abstracts/posters, training tools, etc), with focus on the following aspects – context, literature search and review, content flow, engaging content layout, style, support through medical/legal/regulatory reviews, receive feedback professionally, consultative role, accuracy, and project management, all while managing timelines and competing demands
  • Peer Quality Control and Assistance (~10%) – As a learned professional, provide helpful feedback (scientific fact and style check) of draft deliverables from other writers in an efficient manner based on professional judgment.
  • Contribute to organization’s knowledge database

Aspects That Define Success in This Role

  • Develop an established target quantity of client projects independently while appropriately leveraging guidance from project lead and managing help from team/other resources, that consistently exceeds client expectations
  • Establish realistic expectations to prioritize and complete assigned tasks
  • Effectively partner with clients, serving as consultant by leveraging our company’s knowledge and skill set, as well as your past work experience in the pharmaceutical industry, while portraying our company as the content solutions expert
  • Effectively collaborate with the team, providing timely recommendations to solve specific issues, helping out by constructively reviewing colleagues’ work, and proactively sharing best practices that contribute to the team’s success
  • Serve as a problem solver for project-related work, processes, and other company-related tasks by proactively applying a strong understanding of client needs, strategies, and internal processes to anticipate and/or solve relevant issues and concerns

What Does a “Typical” Day Look Like?

  • Work at a computer at home most of every day, and is responsible for managing work and time
  • Develop a first draft of a client project; quickly becoming familiar with the disease and product is expected
  • Function independently while seeking support from the project lead and team as needed; an important skill is knowing how and when to ask for assistance, and from whom
  • Responsible for additional projects that are in the post-draft 1 stage, partner with client to develop these projects towards finalization
  • Participate in regularly scheduled and spontaneous conference calls with internal and external partners

Our Compensation Package

  • Work at home (95%+)
  • Flexible work hours
  • Minimal overnight travels (<5%)
  • Respectful work environment
  • Competitive salary, commensurate with relevant past experience
  • Company holidays (11 days) and paid time off (16 days)
  • Group health insurance (covers 75% of silver level insurance for team member and dependents)
  • Retirement plan with company matching
  • Professional development opportunities

Minimum Requirement – Employment

  • Permanent resident of the United States
  • Legally allowed to work in the United States

Minimum Requirement – Education

  • US PharmD degree, or US PhD degree in a clinical science field
  • General scientific/clinical knowledge and interest in a wide variety of therapeutic areas

Minimum Requirement – Skills

  • Good evaluation and analytical abilities, particularly as it relates to medical/scientific content
  • Excellent skills in PowerPoint for slide development
  • Ability to explore and learn design ideas and new apps quickly
  • Fluent in English (speaking, reading, writing)

Minimum Requirement – Work Experience

  • A minimum of 2 years in the past 5 years of relevant experience, including any combination of:
    • Medical Communications agency
    • Medical Communications in a pharmaceutical company
    • Medical Science Liaison
  • Regular, direct hands-on experience in creating externally-oriented slide presentations in the aforementioned work environment
  • Previous experience working from home at least one day a week

Behavioral Qualities that We Seek

  • Ability to function both independently and collaboratively with colleagues
  • Strive to exceed client expectations, both via internal efforts and collaboration with client
  • Ability to work remotely with minimal day-to-day supervision, yet willing to seek input early to successfully meet objectives
  • Realistic understanding about time commitment, and exercise flexibility to complete projects
  • Strong attention to detail, yet understand priorities
  • Strong client and internal communication skills
  • Interest in continuous improvement of self and team
  • Resourceful, solution-oriented
  • Interest and ability to learn new therapeutic areas and software/apps rapidly
  • A spirit of curiosity-driven innovative behavior (via observation, experimentation, networking, and association)
  • Appreciate beautiful data visualization
  • Passionate about the ability of our deliverables to positively impact patient care

Apply Today!

  • E-mail with subject line “Application-Writer-{Your first and last name}”
  • Include the following as 3 separate required attachments
    1. Your CV with address, e-mail, and phone contact information
    2. A cover letter to include:
      • Why are you interested in this role?
      • Why you want to work with us?
      • Why should we choose you?
      • Your base salary requirement (a specific base compensation that you expect for this position, not a range, and not what you are making now)
    3. Among the sections describing Minimum Requirements – Skills, Work Experience, and Behavioral Qualities, highlight the 3 elements that you are strongest in and briefly explain. List the 3 elements that you can use the most improvement and briefly explain.